The Programming Language Behind TikTok

The idea of combining video, music, and social networking in one platform contributed to the rise of TikTok. The following are the essential steps in creating a profound app like TikTok.

Market Research

The primary step in reaching the goal is to identify the potential users. To develop an app like TikTok, you need to research the average age group of the audience, their location, devices used by them, etc. Behavioral trends involve turning down the users’ desire to download things, drastically reducing their patience for reduced loading times, low resistance for the lack of security, enhancement in the app utility value, etc.

A Combined Effort With The Development Team

It is essential to get in touch with the development team and begin the project’s discovery phase. The discovery phase involves cost estimation, business analysis, and project planning, along with eliciting requirements.

Following activities are involved in the discovery phase.

Project Scope: The key features of the upcoming software and the prioritization of businesses are defined.  

Identifying and Designing: The essential features of the app and their roles are identified. According to which the concepts of the app in the future are designed.

Workflow Development: Monetization strategy plays a crucial role when creating an application.

MVP Creation

Developing a video app on social networks is a complicated process. Therefore it is recommended to launch the project as a minimum viable product instead of developing it as a fully operating and expensive application. By this method, the developers can understand how the users perceive the app and take input from the feedback to further enhance the application.

Working Of TikTok

To get connected with the TikTok application, they can find the most trending videos on the main page. If the user decides to play the video, it will be displayed in full screen, and also, a series of icons appear encouraging the user to like, share, or comment. All the TikTok videos are tagged with hashtags. Also, the users can search for content in the browser tab. The user can press and hold the center button to record videos. Also, the user can record videos in several shots by releasing and pressing it again. But it is usually recommended to create videos for a maximum duration of fifteen seconds. Additionally, the users can create sliding videos with their existing photos instead of directly recording content. They can buy TikTok likes and improve the video traffic. 

Technical Contributions

TikTok application requires cloud storage. Also, the selection of applications and data storage determines the cost of the application. Also, the cost depends on the content distribution network and a universal operating system. TikTok application uses Artificial Intelligence technology to customize and filter user data. Artificial intelligence performs image recognition and automatically includes tags when using the object. For building applications like TikTok Kotlin and Java programming may be required. A team of experts involved in TikTok development is

  • UI/UX designer   
  • Android and iOS developers
  • Front-end and Back-end developers
  • Delivery and Database experts
  • Quality Control experts
  • Sales and Marketing experts

Depending on the technical expertise, an app like TikTok can be developed with the following programming languages.


Java supports developing applications for a huge number of users. It is a profound programming language in the world both for mobile and desktop applications. It is best suited for android since it is created with Java.


Javascript is an easier language to study, and it has an increased demand in the app market. It is available on most of the websites. Because of its functionality and extension, it is recommended for the programmers to master it.


Companies like Adobe and Microsoft widely use C++. It is a programming language developed from C, and it is in high demand in the market. This programming language potentially offers the choice to redefine the operators and create new types that behave similarly to fundamental types.


It is an excellent language for creating Microsoft services and applications. C# supports video game development and desktop programs in web pages and windows.


It is a language offered to the programmers for free of cost, and also it is an open-source programming language. The language helps in developing dynamic web pages that are in HTML. Presently PHP is the popular language with programmers and companies, and is used for processing servers.